Manolos Business Trip

An open on-line multi-level course with a virtual protagonist (Manolo) is published in episodes on a blog via interactive flash objects. The character (Manolo) is given a flexible professional/personal profile (doctor, trainer, researcher, bon vivant, musician, etc) to facilitate adaptation to both transversal and specific language needs. The basic storyline involves Manolo being invited to give a presentation on the importance of eLearning in the training of health professionals at an international conference in Scotland at some point in the future with the objective of incorporating all the necessary language scenarios commonly required by health managers: reading and writing e-mails, speaking on the telephone, organising, attending and participating in meetings, negotiation, preparing and giving presentations, clinical interviews, doctor patient relations, socialising, etc). Episodes 1 and 2 were created collaboratively by a team of 8 language training consultants and teachers. These initial episodes and exercises are tested in the classroom environment for didactic effectiveness and also as a means of introducing the concept in context to the students.

This course was awarded the EFQUEL 2010 award in the Adult and Vocational Education category.

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How have you used the resource in the classroom?:
As a central face-to-face/e-learning resource

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Interesting and fun. Good teambuilding dynamic is created. Initial difficulty to get teachers and students to understand concept of peer-production.
Curriculum subject(s):
Wide range of health professionals (from admin to political posts)

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