Enercities : an online game as a successful example of web 2.0 learning

Enercities is an Online Serious Game about Energy and Society. It has an attached forum and teacher area to discuss tips and tricks for bringing into the classroom situation.
Have you used this resource:
How have you used the resource in the classroom?:
Teaching Energy. Engaging students with a difficult subject. Creating competition based learning and interaction experiences.

How successful was it? Comment.:
Really got the students interested in a detached topic and brought the issues to life!
Variety of applications and subjects can be covered, from basic skills IT to geography…
Age of the students that you used the resource with?:
Curriculum subject(s):
IT, Basic Skills, Science, Technology, Citizenship
Other points or issues about the resource:
Good fun to play and at 30 minutes per game fits well into the standard lesson framework.

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